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Back To The Office Safely During The Covid-19 Outbreak


With Government lockdown restrictions easing and the need to get business moving becoming increasingly pressing, we need to look at minimising risk in the workplace to enable employees to work safely in the office environment.

The Government has produced guidelines for offices and contact centres which can be found here. Central Space can assist in some key areas.

Office Cleaning

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As most will be aware, although guidance has been contradictory or varying in some areas, frequent wiping down and cleaning of contact surfaces is one of the key areas to prevent virus spread.  These surfaces should be cleaned regularly with your usual cleaning products.

If possible, cleaning rosters should be increased to daily.  At Central Space, we clean all communal areas in our buildings on a daily basis.  For those clients who use our cleaning services for their own demise and wish to increase the frequency or those wishing to use us moving forwards, please get in touch.

Office Cleaning in the event of a known or suspected COVID-19 outbreak

If you are cleaning in response to a known or suspected case of COVID-19 then you should refer to the specific guidance outlined by the government.

Central Space can provide COVID-19 specific cleaning for our tenants in the unfortunate event this is required, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning)

Your HVAC system can assist in filtering the air that flows through it but at this time its cleaning and maintenance are more important than ever to both keep your employees and visitors safe and also comply with UK regulations.

As per F-GAS regulations, all Air Conditioning systems with over 3kg of refrigerant require, at a minimum, an annual inspection to ensure the ongoing integrity of office air conditioning standards in accordance with the directive.  This requires all air conditioning systems to be inspected annually for leaks and records of inspections to be kept which as a tenant under the terms of your lease would fall under your responsibility.  Best practice is six-monthly and we would strongly recommend this under current circumstances.

If you have not had the air conditioning system in your demise inspected/serviced we can offer fixed annual pricing including two services and one annual inspection per year keeping you in line with the F-Gas directive and maintaining your system so it works as cleanly & efficiently as it should. To find out more, please get in touch today!

Protective screens and visors

If you are struggling to maintain social distancing in your office environment and your Health and Safety policies require it, we can source face visors or desk mounted screens.

Shared buildings

All of our shared buildings have had signage installed in line with government guidance and our risk assessments.  The purpose of this is to minimise contact, maximise hygiene and maintain social distancing.

Please take note of the signage when using the common areas and facilities and do your best to comply in order to minimise risk and stay safe.

Furthermore, all reception/lobby areas are being equipped with hand sanitiser stations. Please use these frequently when using these areas.

Whether you’re an existing client or are interested in enquiring about one of our vacant spaces, please get in touch with our friendly team below…

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