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Central Space Unveils Spire: Premier Office Advertising Campaign at Newcastle International Airport


Central Space has teamed up with Eye Airports, the leading experts in airport advertising in the UK, to launch a captivating advertising campaign for their latest property venture, Spire. Located in the heart of Newcastle, Spire offers premier serviced offices that cater to the modern business professional. This strategic partnership aims to reach millions of potential clients and key decision-makers, showcasing the unparalleled amenities and services of Spire.

High Impact Advertising at Key Touch Points

The campaign is prominently featured on high-impact advertising sites throughout the airport, strategically positioned at key touch points around the terminal. This ensures maximum visibility and engagement from the diverse audience passing through. With an estimated reach of around 5 million passengers, including over 1 million business travellers and key decision-makers, this campaign is set to make a significant impact.

Highlights of Spire Platinum Suites

Spire in Newcastle offers a range of top-notch amenities designed to meet the needs of today’s dynamic business environment. The advertising campaign highlights several key features:

Fully Furnished, Grade A+ Suites: Spire offers state-of-the-art office spaces that are fully furnished and ready for immediate use.

Business Lounge and Barista Station: A sophisticated lounge area and barista station provide a comfortable and professional environment for meetings and networking.

State-of-the-Art Meeting Facilities: Equipped with the latest technology, Spire’s meeting facilities are ideal for hosting conferences, presentations, and collaborative sessions.

Sustainable Space (EPC B): Spire is committed to sustainability, offering eco-friendly office spaces with an EPC rating of B.

Unrivalled Views of the City: The office spaces boast stunning views of Newcastle, creating an inspiring workspace for tenants.

Ultra-Fast Fibre Network: High-speed internet connectivity ensures seamless business operations.

Visual Appeal and Professional Design

The campaign’s visual elements emphasise the modern and stylish interiors of Spire. The posters display sleek office setups, comfortable lounge areas, and advanced meeting rooms, all set against the backdrop of Newcastle’s iconic architecture. The use of professional design elements and colours that align with Spire’s branding ensures that the advertisements  stand out and capture the attention of passersby.

Reaching the Right Audience

By targeting airport passengers, Central Space is effectively reaching a highly relevant audience. Business travellers and decision-makers who frequently pass through the airport are likely to be looking for premium office spaces, making them prime candidates for Spire’s offerings. The collaboration with Eye Airports ensures that the campaign is not only visible but also engaging and impactful.


Central Space’s partnership with Eye Airports for the Spire advertising campaign is a strategic move to highlight their premier serviced offices in Newcastle. By leveraging high-impact advertising sites and targeting a key demographic of business travellers and decision-makers, the campaign is set to promote the remaining Platinum Suites at Spire.

The visually appealing and professionally designed advertisements effectively showcase the top-tier amenities and services that Spire offers, making it a standout choice for businesses in Newcastle.

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