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Co-Working Vs Virtual Office & Micro Office Space

Miller Homes

While the big commercial office has trended in recent years, prior to this has been co-working space and its associated benefits for start-ups and growing businesses.

However, COVID-19 has altered the landscape in a big way whether we like it or not.  With concerns over social distancing and remote working, the requirements of a business are changing.

With the technology acquired and skills developed for home working, small office clients that have traditionally gravitated to co-working environments will look to virtual offices with access to high quality, connected meeting space in buildings with the right corporate image rather than desk-space in a communal work environment.  This will allow them to better meet their customer expectations and achieve their business goals.

As these occupiers grow, well organised micro-office suites with access to high quality shared facilities will provide confidential, centralised workspace without unnecessary and expensive square footage.

Central Building at Parsons Court, Newton Aycliffe and Central Suites at Merchant Court, Gateshead can both offer virtual office functions whilst our micro-suites at Parsons Court are ideal for start-ups and SMEs.

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