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What our clients say…

“We’re delighted to be expanding operations here at Merchant House and making room for new team members within the business over the coming years – all of whom will be able to access our extensive training and professional development opportunities. We pride ourselves on providing an enjoyable and rewarding working environment and we’ve taken the time to ensure that the new office is both conducive to getting work done but also a welcoming and sociable space.

“In securing the second floor of Merchant House, our landlords at Central Space have made the process easy for us. We’re now looking forward to settling in and building on the momentum that has enabled us to reach this point.”                                  


Paul Smith

Managing Director, Consultiv Utilities

The Challenge

Consultiv Utilities, a rapidly growing utilities consultancy based in South Tyneside, faced a significant challenge in facilitating its ambitious expansion plans. With a need to accommodate up to 50 new team members over the course of 2024, the company required additional office space to support new roles in sales and business support. This expansion was critical for meeting the company’s ambitious targets and sustaining its growth trajectory. Founded in 2019 by Paul Smith, Consultiv Utilities had already built a strong reputation as a technology-driven leader in the utilities market, employing over 130 staff. To continue this momentum, the company needed to almost double its existing footprint.

 The Solution

Central Space, the property owners of Merchant House on Monkton South Business Park, stepped in to assist Consultiv Utilities with their expansion needs. They offered an additional floor in Merchant House, providing an extra 9,000 square feet of office space. This strategic move increased the company’s office footprint from 8,000 square feet to a total of 17,000 square feet, ensuring that Consultiv Utilities had the necessary space to accommodate the increased headcount and facilitate future growth.

Central Space handled the leasing process efficiently, ensuring that the new space met the specific requirements of Consultiv Utilities. By offering flexible lease terms and modern office amenities, Central Space provided a conducive environment for the expansion. The additional floor was designed to support the new team members, with ample room for sales and business support roles.


The collaboration between Consultiv Utilities and Central Space yielded significant positive outcomes. The expanded office space allowed Consultiv Utilities to:

  • Accommodate Growth: With the additional 8,000 square feet, Consultiv Utilities could comfortably onboard up to 50 new employees throughout 2024, supporting its ambitious expansion plans.
  • Enhanced Operations: The new office space facilitated better organization and efficiency, enabling the company to maintain its reputation as a dynamic, technology-driven leader in the utilities market.
  • Sustained Growth Trajectory: By almost doubling its office footprint, Consultiv Utilities positioned itself for sustained growth, allowing for increased capacity to serve its expanding client base across the UK.


This strategic expansion not only provided immediate operational benefits but also laid a strong foundation for future growth, ensuring that Consultiv Utilities could continue to thrive and achieve its business objectives. The successful partnership with Central Space highlighted the importance of flexible and responsive property solutions in supporting the growth ambitions of dynamic businesses.