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Flat Six Coffee Roasters: A Modern Retreat Amidst Historical Echoes

Is there anything more delightful than savouring a fragrant, freshly roasted coffee accompanied by a delicate, buttery pastry within the inviting confines of a chic, contemporary café nestled in a tunnel brimming with historical significance?

Flat Six Coffee Roasters Coffee Shop

Introducing Flat Six Coffee Roasters: a unique, modern coffee shop with an urban rustic charm based within the North Tunnel of Alderman Fenwick’s House. Alderman Fenwick’s House itself is one of Newcastle’s few remaining timber-framed buildings, with parts of the structure dating back to the 16th and 17th centuries. The building has served various functions over the years, from a merchant’s house to an inn, and it has witnessed significant historical events and changes in the city.

Development of Alderman Fenwick House

Central Space, a business space provider, has embarked on a vast regeneration effort for Alderman Fenwick’s House, aiming to enhance its role in the city by upgrading it to provide high-specification offices and other amenities while preserving its historic character. The innovative development of the North Tunnel as a distinctive setting for a coffee shop, leverages the fascinating historical and atmospheric qualities of the tunnel to provide a quaint and interesting space for individual and small groups to enjoy great coffee and conversation.

Delicious Beverages

The wide-open, navy-blue doors beckon one to enteran oasis of warmth and flavour, to beginthe morning with a robust Espresso Doppioor to unwind after a busy day with aromatic loose-leaftea, sourced from the finest gardens. At Flat Six Coffee Roasters, every cup of coffee is a masterpiece, crafted with the finest beans and the passion of generations. From the robust intensity of espresso to the creamy delicateness of lattes and the rich indulgence of mocha, the menu caters to every taste. On warmer days, cool, creamy milkshakes are a frothy delight and available in classic flavours with a gourmet twist.

Delicious Meals, Scones and Pastries

Light, fresh, healthy lunches and scrumptious pastries are also available to quell the mid-morning slumplikequinoa salad with beetroot,orfreshly baked, toasted bread with a creamy spread of avocado goodness. To satisfy the sweet tooth, the pastries start at just £1.95, and are the perfect companion to one of the delicious, warm beverages.

Central Space’s Collaboration with Flat Six Coffee Roasters

Central Space is thrilled to be part of Flat Six Coffee Roasters, a beloved haven for those who appreciate the art of a perfectly brewed cup. This cosy café, nestled within Alderman Fenwick House, has become the go-to spot for hardworking individuals, creatives, and corporates in the surrounding areas to recharge and revel in the simple pleasures of coffee. In an exciting offering, Flat Six Coffee Roasters is now extending a special “buy one, get one free” deal exclusively for tenants of the building. This presents a wonderful opportunity for tenants to enjoy a moment of solace with a meal or to connect with colleagues over a rich, artisanal coffee, making their breaks even more rewarding.

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