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Keep It Professional With Virtual Meeting Rooms

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With many companies forced to adapt to remote and home working, virtual meetings via video conferencing using services such as Zoom and Skype, which was, to many, a novel facility, has become a facet of everyday working life.

This will prove to be a huge benefit to businesses moving forward by providing much of the tactility and interaction of face to face meetings without the cost (travel and time), logistical issues and in the current environment, risk.

However, as with most novel technologies and work methods, to truly benefit you need to put the effort into your set up, equipment and work environment.  Whilst working from home we’ve all been subjected to images of our colleagues’ nostrils and domestic lives in the background but when we get back to the office we can look forward to benefiting from the positives in a correctly designed Virtual Meeting Room Newcastle.

Virtual Meeting Room design and configuration involves the correct use of technology and layout to give participants the best possible experience rather than the old model of a table full of people hunched around a conference call.  This involves using meeting areas designed for video conferencing with the correct backgrounds, layout and installation of AV equipment to give the best possible staff and client experience.

Please talk to one of our specialists with a view to projecting the best possible image to your clients and get as much from virtual meetings as face to face or come and see our show suite at Central Suites Merchant Court.

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