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Spire by Central Space: Crafting Personalised Work Environments with Premium Business Lounge


Spire, the latest venture by Central Space, is more than a mere renovation; it’s a reimagination of the workspace tailored for the next evolution of business needs. With the release of various office sizes in its next phase, Spire promises a professional haven that is both brand new and infinitely customisable, suited for the contemporary enterprise.

What sets Spire apart in the commercial real estate realm is its Grade A plus suites. These aren’t your standard empty spaces; they come equipped with a wealth of amenities as standard features, revolutionising the concept of ‘move-in ready’. Included are elegantly designed meeting rooms, functional tea points and kitchen areas, and dynamic breakout zones—all crafted to facilitate collaboration and innovation.

The attention to detail is apparent in the pre-installed designer flooring and ceilings that speak of quality and style. For businesses considering a move, the option for desks and furnishings means a tailored fit for any company’s brand and culture, complemented by cutting-edge LED lighting and ultra-high-speed broadband that power productivity.

One of the most critical features is the climate-controlled AC, ensuring comfort in all seasons, creating an optimal working environment to foster creativity and focus. This suite of features aims to minimise client fit-out costs and expedite move-in times, enabling businesses to hit the ground running.

For those seeking a bespoke office solution, Central Space doesn’t stop at standardisation. Their in-house team of fit-out specialists stands ready to design and install according to client specifications. This service allows for the transformation of spaces into personalised business environments that resonate with the unique ethos of each company.

Another exceptional feature for occupants of Spire is the contemporary and sophisticated business lounge, which is not just a place to work but a space designed for comfort, collaboration, and convenience. The lounge boasts a stylish barista station where tenants can enjoy complimentary freshly ground coffee and a variety of refreshments, available from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and plush seating arrangements that offer both privacy and openness for group discussions. The area is versatile enough to cater to various business needs where every detail has been considered to ensure functionality and style, creating a welcoming environment for both work and casual networking.

Recognising the shifting dynamics of today’s work culture, Central Space also caters to hybrid working models, offering flexible options that combine in-office and remote working. Tenants interested in hybrid working solutions are encouraged to contact Central Space to explore how these options can be integrated into their business operations, ensuring a blend of convenience and productivity.

With Spire, Central Space offers a world where business lounges become hubs of opportunity and where every office suite is an ecosystem designed for success. It’s not just about the physical space; it’s about the experience, the potential, and the future it holds for businesses looking to thrive in a world that never stands still. Spire invites you to be part of this new chapter in business space evolution—where work is not only done but celebrated in a setting that mirrors the ambition and ingenuity of its inhabitants.

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