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What Is A Virtual Office?

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The concept of the virtual office has been around since the 60s in one form or another and in reality, can mean very different things.

In its most basic form, virtual office space is simply a registered business address at a building. However, as more businesses adapt to working remotely, the concept is developing into something more whereby companies require access to meeting space more than workspace, whether this is in the form of a permanent smaller office or a shared meeting facility with the ability to interact virtually for other functions.

In practical terms, this can involve some, or all, of the following functions being fulfilled by the virtual office provider:

  • Business postal address
  • Receptionist
  • Envelope opening and scanning
  • Meeting space
  • Telephone answering and phone packages
  • Connectivity & IT infrastructure between different work environments

Central Building at Parsons Court, Newton Aycliffe and Central Suites at Merchant Court, Gateshead can both offer virtual office functions and a menu of services from just £25 per month.

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