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Back To Work – Cautiously And Cleanly!


After months of uncertainty and disruption, everyone is keen to get back to the workplace and back to business.  

At Central Space, we are fully supportive of all of our tenants’ individual needs and will strive to help where we can.  As always, the simple steps that are most important and as such we are focusing on the cleanliness and hygiene of our shared buildings with daily cleaning of all communal areas, hand sanitisers in all lobby areas and regular maintenance of all HVAC systems (where they fall outside of the tenant’s obligations).

In particular, we would like to remind all tenants of the importance of servicing their HVAC systems and their legal obligations as regards servicing their HVAC systems.

We can also assist with tenant-specific services such as tenant cleaning and HVAC servicing in the event you require us to please get in touch!

Learn more about our previously-announced procedures regarding COVID-19 here.

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