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Flat Six Coffee Roasters: The Perfect Spot for Coffee and Lunch at Alderman Fenwick House

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Located within the historic North Tunnel of Alderman Fenwick’s House, Flat Six Coffee Roasters is the newest go-to spot for tenants and corporate employees working in the offices at Alderman Fenwick House, Spire, and the surrounding area. This coffee shop offers a welcoming retreat with delicious coffee and light lunch options tailored to suit the […]

Flat Six Coffee Roasters: A Modern Retreat Amidst Historical Echoes

Is there anything more delightful than savouring a fragrant, freshly roasted coffee accompanied by a delicate, buttery pastry within the inviting confines of a chic, contemporary café nestled in a tunnel brimming with historical significance? Flat Six Coffee Roasters Coffee Shop Introducing Flat Six Coffee Roasters: a unique, modern coffee shop with an urban rustic […]

Revitalising Heritage: The Spire Building’s Journey to Sustainable Elegance in Newcastle Upon Tyne

Recently, Central Space undertook a significant regeneration effort for Spire, a historic landmark building in Newcastle upon Tyne, transforming it into a model of sustainable development and architectural preservation. The project focused on integrating modern energy-efficient features while retaining the building’s unique character and history. As a result, tenants can now experience the conveniences of […]

A Spire to Inspire


Prime Space for Business Newcastle upon Tyne stands out as a prime destination for businesses across various sectors, thanks to its dynamic economy, strategic geographical position, and robust transportation networks. The city beautifully blends contemporary and traditional office spaces amidst a lively cafe and nightlife scene. A Fully Refurbished Landmark Building Central Space, recognising Newcastle’s […]

Newcastle Upon Tyne: An Ideal Choice for Office Space

Newcastle upon Tyne, commonly known as Newcastle, is increasingly being recognised as an attractive location for businesses looking for office space, and there are several compelling reasons for this: Economic Growth and Regeneration Newcastle has undergone significant regeneration in recent years, transforming its cityscape and infrastructure. This has revitalised the city, making it more appealing […]

Meeting Rooms in Newcastle: Professional Spaces for Your Next Client Meeting or Conference

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Elevate Your Business Encounters with Central Space In the competitive business landscape, the quality of your interactions can define your success. Central Space provides a network of professional meeting rooms across Newcastle, ensuring that whether it’s a high-stakes client meeting or an impactful conference, you have the perfect setting to host it. Centrally Located for […]

Office Space Parsons Court: The New Destination for Business Growth

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In the dynamic landscape of modern business, location is more than just a place on a map; it’s a catalyst for growth and success. This is precisely what Parsons Court offers to businesses looking to establish or expand their presence in the North East of England. Located at the heart of the region’s largest industrial […]

The Spire Newcastle: Premium Workspace for Innovative Thinkers

Newly Launched In the heart of Newcastle, a new symbol of business excellence rises – The Spire. A testament to Central Space’s unwavering commitment to quality and innovation in commercial real estate, The Spire is set to redefine what prime office spaces should be. Introducing The Spire: Newcastle’s Premier Office Destination on Pilgrim Street The […]